The Blog’s 1st Blogoversary

I’ve been crazy busy recently, and I’ve got a performance coming up this Saturday, which consequently results in my having a lot of rehearsals on top of the other activities in my packed schedule

But I am posting now, because I have been horribly neglectful with the blog.

I was actually going to do a quote post, but then I learned it is my blog’s anniversary of being on the WordPress website.

Happy Birthday, Blog!

Note: I really like that gif.

I had another blog for a year or two before I started blogging on WordPress. But there were problems with it.

Problem 1 ~ The Theme:

My blog’s theme was only books, and my posts were almost solely book reviews. Now, this could have been acceptable if not for the fact that I never wrote a review that I liked enough to post. So my posts came infrequently and you could not depend on the timing.

Problem 2 ~ The Host Website:

I was using Blogger, and it is very hard to get traffic for your blog if you use that website. There is no home page for the website that allows you to look at the newest posts of bloggers and search by Tag or Category. I didn’t enjoy blogging very much on Blogger, because nobody read the blog and blogging isn’t so great when nobody is interested in reading your posts, and nobody is liking or commenting on them.

So I switched to WordPress, which was recommended by a cousin of mine, and I like it so much better.

So, while I had a blog before, it wasn’t consistent or even the same as the one I currently posses. Therefore, I can rightly call this the blog’s 1-year blogoversary!

Yay Blog!

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