The Girl Who Became a Goddess ~ By: Theresa Fuller

The Girl who became a Goddess: Folktales from Singapore, Malaysia and China


3.5 Stars

I was surprised by how short this was (115 pages on my downloaded copy) but the length suited it. I found the short length enjoyable and sufficient!

The author included a variety of stories; some were her own adaptions, and some were the original (or closer to the original, since folktales never stay consistent) Continue reading


The Escape Manual for Introverts ~ Katie Vaz

The Escape Manual for Introverts

I feel that it is important to mention that I am 90% extroverted (according to the test I took).
However, for reasons that will remain undisclosed, I believed that I was an introvert until the age of 18.
I had a small existential crisis when I realized just how extroverted I was.
As a ‘former introvert’ I was super intrigued by this guide and wanted to compare these escape tactics with the ones that I had developed during my ‘introvert years’.
I was expecting this book to be more humor, but in actuality it is very practical and useful! Some of the suggestions, such as using a jetpack to assist your escape, were mildly ludicrous, but those just added humor to the book. Nearly all of the advice could actually be used to escape a social situation without causing suspicion.
I recommend this to any introvert or as a gift to your introverted friend! Not only is it humorous, but it will also save them a lot of energy and stress by helping them escape social situations when they need to recharge.

[A Healing Story of Family] Spin ~ By Colleen Nelson


Spin by Colleen Nelson

This was my first NetGalley read in AGES!

It was certainly a good way to restart my reviewing career.

Spin is a wonderful, heartfelt, refreshing story about family.

It is not about romance and teenage angst. No ridiculous mean girls and high school drama. Just one family, trying to find themselves despite their one missing piece.

Each family member was an equal part of the story. The story wasn’t about Dizzy and her spinning career. Nor was it about her brother and his longing for knowledge and an education. It wasn’t solely about their father and his love for his children and how much he struggles to keep their family happy and normal despite his children’s mother having left them a decade ago, leaving one child with hate for her and the other with questions.

This book was about all of those things; it was the story of a family in which all parts weaved together equally to create an honest story of people caring for each other and trying to find their way in the world.

I could relate to this family, and I’m sure many of you could too. It ended well for everyone, in a believable way that gives the reader hope. This family didn’t just miraculously get healed and the children didn’t miraculously reunite with their mother. But the ending makes you realize that, for them, everything will be ok and that they have only just begun the journey towards healing.

If you need a break from the typical drama, cliches, and tropes of most YA and Middle Grade literature, I recommend this book. And if you are in need of some healing, perhaps this novel could be therapeutic.

Luck VS Gelato

I have read and loved both installments in this series, but they were certainly very different. The first one, Love & Gelato, had a definite romance along with normal teenage problems. The second book, however, had (different teenage problems) and focused on a different kind of relationship. Continue reading

The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart ~ By: Stephanie Burgis

I lost power at my house last night, due to Hurricane Irma. Thankfully there wasn’t any serious damage at my house, only minor flooding and some branches down. I had some family evacuate from their homes to stay with me, and I have just gotten a new puppy and I was taking care of him. Continue reading

Andy Smithson: Battle for the Land’s Soul ~ By: L.R.W. Lee

Battle for the Land's Soul (Andy Smithson #7)

5 Stars

I’ve been reviewing this series since book 1 and I’m rather sad that it’s over. I loved checking my email and, twice a year, finding an email containing a review file for the newest Andy Smithson book. It was like a miniature, surprise present. This last installment arrived in my email just in time for my birthday. It was perfect timing, wasn’t it? Continue reading