I’ve recently discovered an amazing app/website called Habitica.

The app is available for both Apple and Android, though I prefer the website; there is more detail and it is easier to manage, but the app is certainly more convenient.

Habitica is a mix of a To-Do List app and an RPG. It makes sure you get your tasks done by rewarding you with various acquisitions in the game. As well as keeping track of your To-Do List, the game allows you to track your habits, both good and bad, helping you to quit bad habits and build good ones.

You can earn pets, join chat groups, join challenges, join a party and battle monsters; I’ve found it to be incredibly helpful.

I am very much a J (INTJ, to be specific), if you want to go the Myers Briggs route here, but I don’t like making lists and half the time I forget to even put things on my daily list. This wouldn’t be a problem for some people, but I can’t function without a list. Habitica is the list that I want to use.

A definite 5-Stars to the app that increased my productivity ten-fold.

I highly recommend this, if you need some motivation to stop procrastinating.



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