Review: Momotaro Xander and the Lost Island of Monsters ~By Margaret Dilloway

I’ve had a busy weekend, and last week was spent in preparation, so I was unable to do a post. However, I am back now, and have some enjoyable posts planned for the near future.

Xander and the Lost Island of Monsters

5 Stars

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Book Review : Royal Day Out ~ By Meg Cabot

Royal Day Out: A From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess e-short

3.5 Stars


I originally had this rated at 4 stars. I changed it because, though I did think the story was cute, it wasn’t fabulous. However, the e-short did a good job in piquing one’s interest in Meg Cabot’s new middle grade series.  Continue reading

Review of Cogling ~ by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek

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I’m Finally Finished with the 30 Day Disney Challenge

There were some of those posts that I really enjoyed writing, but there were a lot of them that I just wanted to be done with.

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Favorite Disney Theme Park Show ~ 30 Day Disney Challenge – Day #30

The Festival of the Lion King show is pretty awesome.

The first time that I went to see it I could not look away, nor could I figure out which part of the show was my favorite. Now, I have to conclude that it is the Fire Dancer, with the Monkeys coming in second.

This show looks like it would be a lot of fun to perform in, and the costuming is great; it really adds to the movement of the performers.

In case you have not seen the show yet, or in case you would like to watch it again, I found it on Youtube.

What is your favorite Disney park show?