Banner Mail Day

This is the total of books that I received in the mail on my ‘Banner Book Day’. Continue reading


Exciting Book Sale Finds

Twice a year my local library holds a giant book sale. Though the sale is mostly for books, you can also find movies, CDs, records, audiobooks, and games. They sell some old library books, but most of the merchandise is donated by people looking to get rid of their stuff.

And everything is priced very low.

Sometimes 25 – 50 cents per book low.

This is what I acquired at the sale. Continue reading

52 Book Haul!

I believe the standard thing to do for ‘Haul’ posts is to go through what you got and share it with everybody. I don’t think that would work when you’ve gotten 52 books.


Total, the price for all these books added up to about $15. How? Well, twice a year my local library has a ‘Friends of the Library’ booksale. Though Continue reading