The Blog’s 1st Blogoversary

I’ve been crazy busy recently, and I’ve got a performance coming up this Saturday, which consequently results in my having a lot of rehearsals on top of the other activities in my packed schedule

But I am posting now, because I have been horribly neglectful with the blog.

I was actually going to do a quote post, but then I learned it is my blog’s anniversary of being on the WordPress website. Continue reading

Healthy Habits … Helping a Friend with her Blog

The other day I met a friend at Starbucks to help out with her new blog. We got our drinks, and then I sat down to help her  with adding media to a post as well as with her blog’s organization. It was actually quite a bit of fun! She got super excited every time we figured something out, and there was a lot of laughing involved, too.

Her blogging is a pretty interesting story, Continue reading