A New Bookstagram

For a while I’ve been thinking that it would be fun to create a public Instagram account and I’ve finally done it.

It is technically a ‘Bookstagram’; an Instagram account dedicated to books and using them to create aesthetically pleasing images. Continue reading


Camp NaNoWriMo: Planning Stage

I have been neglecting my blog more than I should be. I apologize. I hope to come up with a regular posting schedule soon to keep myself accountable.

On the upside, Camp NaNoWriMo is starting up again!

Participant 2016 - Web Banner

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Guess the Book from the Terrible Drawing

I thought that I would share this with you all. I did this yesterday, and was laughing quite a bit!

Check out the Buzzfeed article here.

Essentially you are given a particularly bad drawing of a fairly well-known book, and then you have to guess what you think it is. The pictures tend to be quite funny, though the third was my favorite: Continue reading

Here’s What to Read Next

There is a website that tells you what to read next. And it’s not Goodreads.

I had seen it before, but never really took the time to figure out how to work it.

What book to read next can often become a problem for bookworms, especially those that don’t have a Goodreads account. Sometimes, even though I have 600 books Continue reading

Free Audiobooks, Classic and YA!

      Today, I discovered (through another blogger), a fantastic website offering free e-books all summer long! This website offers a Classic book and a YA book each week.
 Here is a link to the list of this years books:

      The books are delivered to you through Overdrive Media Console. To be able to read books in the app, you must have an Adobe account. Overdrive is compatible with many things, including IPod/IPhone, Kindle, Mac, Windows, Android and more.  The Overdrive website has some ‘How To’ videos, and the app has a help section, which were helping me quite a bit. Have fun with summer listening!


Booksale and Website!

I went to a ‘garage sale’ book sale two days ago, and it was fantastic. There were many books of  almost every genre, and at great prices. Mostly the books were 10 for $5, but occasionally some would be more expensive. I was able to acquire 16 books for only $10, I was given some for free. The man running the sale said that he tried to have the sales every other week.. If you have any interest in going to one of these sales, they are located in Spring Forest, which is off Millhopper Rd, in Gainesville, FL. There are yellow signs to follow. While I was there, the gentleman told me of a website that any fellow reader would enjoy. The website is called fantastic fiction. Fantastic Fiction is a database of thousands of authors.  You type an author’s name into the search box and it will pull up a biography of the person. In addition to the biography there is a list of the author’s books, arranged by series. The series are arranged from the first book to the last. The books are also arranged by type,  graphic novel, chapter book, novel, etc. Selecting the name of the book will show you places that you can buy it, as well as the book’s price. The page will also show similar authors and books. I hope you all will enjoy this website and hopefully this sale as well.