Banner Book Day

I had quite a good week when it comes to book acquisition. Not only was it the week of our library book sale, but I also got a good deal of ARCs in the mail.

More on them tomorrow.

Featured above is my complete ‘haul’, if you will, from the book sale. Mostly it is composed of books, with a large stack of CDs and three DVDs.

This post will be my raving about the following items.

In the past the FOL sale priced CDS at $2. While this is of course better than full price, I am cheap, so never bought any CDS.

The exception to this was when I bought a series of four Monkees DVDs.

I just really love the Monkees.

I found 12 CDs, and the total price was only a little over $5.

A lot of these were artists that I quite like, but wouldn’t expect to find a CD at any sale.

Example: Swing Revival band Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

This is the benefit of being a Shakespeare lover at a book sale when evidently no one else shares your love for Shakespeare.

I am realizing now that I left Cyrano de Bergerac in the picture. I realize that this is not Shakespeare and I apologize, but I don’t want to get up and take another photo so it’s just going to have to remain where it is.

I really love the Puffin editions of the plays and I found a number of them on $o.10 day.

$0.10 day is the last day of the sale, when all of the items that nobody wanted are marked down to $o.10 in order to attempt to get rid of them.

Do you know what I found on $0.10 day? What amazing thing I bought for a dime?

This book is wrapped in a darn plastic bag, priced MUCH higher than any of the other books, and for some reason, probably because it was Shakespeare related and nobody like Shakespeare, I found it just laying on the shelf on $0.10 day. I admit, I was in a state of disbelief; I looked around me to ensure that nobody had set it down while readjusting their book bag. When nobody yelled at me as I picked it up, I figured that it was now mine.

It’s beautiful, see?

I was raving about that find to all of my bookish friends (and some of my non-bookish friends) via Snapchat.

All of this, excluding the red, coverless Scotland Yard book, was gotten on $0.10 day.

I now have a number of non-fiction books on historical murders. I also have one on ‘The Richest Poker Game in History’, and one about a man driven to criminal activities by his love of books, among others.

This was a very satisfying trip to the non-fiction shelf.

Come to think of it, there was a lot of non-fiction left on $0.10 day.

Shakespeare lovers and non-fiction lovers get the best deal out of $0.10 day.

I also went to the Collector’s Corner, which is a room full of old books, and found some old ‘Stories for Girls’ which I love because they’re sweet and cute.

I also bought some older sci-fi’s, which I believe were only in the Collector’s Corner because of their cover art and the man who painted it, or something of the sort.

I bought a movie called The Magic Sword. It was $0.25 and, like my Shakespeare-Hating Friend said, “Anything called ‘The Magic Sword’ has to be delightfully cheesy.” I am happy to inform you that yes, it was delightfully 60s cheesy.

My ARC mail acquisition post is to come tomorrow, but for now, tell me, have you acquired any exciting books recently?


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