The 50 States of America: Slip-case Edition

The 50 States of America: The People, the Places, the History: Slip-Case Edition

4 Stars

This was a short book (159 pg); there were only 2-4 pages on each state. I liked that, though, it made the book easy to read in short bursts of time.

The author wrote a little bit about the history of each state, as well as some of the things that it is best known for and some interesting stories about events that have occurred there.

Most of the states had a section listing a number of various celebrities who have been born there, ranging from mobsters to politicians to athletes to musicians to chess players.

There was also a box listing the time zone, capital, state animal, state nickname, and other quick fun facts.

Really, I feel like most of the appeal of this book comes from how beautiful the interior is.

The pages are smooth and glossy, and there are large, wonderful photographs of some of the most scenic places in each state. It was nice to have a reference to be able to better picture the state the author was talking about, and frankly they were just lovely to look at.

This is a great book if you want a basic history of the states as well as some fun facts.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Here’s a picture that will better allow you to appreciate this book’s beauty.

I definitely recommend these slip-case editions by Arcturus Publishing.


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