Pretty In Pink

I’ve begun watching all these 80s classics that I have never seen.

I started with Pretty in Pink.

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It appears that I do not frequent this genre enough to be able to predict the outcome, which is … not normal for me.

I was watching, expecting the predictable outcome of Andie ending up with Duckie, wondering how on Earth they were going to pull that off when Blane actually wasn’t a complete jerk.

And then I was wrong.

I mean, Blane is nice and all, but he really isn’t anything compared to Duckie.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate.

I may have ‘accidentally’ watched that clip 10 times before I went to bed the night after finishing the movie.

It is highly entertaining.

I am allowing it to play on in a different window as I type this; apparently I am near to having it memorized.

I looked it up; the ‘candy machine’ line was improvised, though this has more to do with the actor than the character.

Image result for pretty in pink candy machine

What test audiences did the producers show this to that liked the Blane ending better?

Related image

That line was also improvised, evidently.

The movie was great, and Duckie is, quite frankly, the best part.

My friend (The Shakespeare hating one) is going to be just about keel over in shock when she sees that I wrote what appears to have turned into a ‘Duckie Appreciation’ post.

I just recalled, the day after watching Pretty in Pink I wore contact lenses for the sole purpose of being able to wear my round sunglasses to a yard-sale I was manning with my friends.

Related image

What are your favorite classic 80s movies? I need some more to watch; I’m running low.

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