Ballet on Valentine’s Day

As many of you know, this past Tuesday was Valentine’s Day.

I had ballet on Tuesday morning, as I do almost every morning. 

As I walked in I noticed that many of the girls were wearing leotards in Valentine’s colors.

I neglected to do this because my pink leotard was in the laundry and I forgot that I own a white one.

I noticed one of the girls stand up and walk over to the radio shelf, on top of which was a Publix bag containing two boxes of cookies.

A few minutes later, as I am talking to one of my friends, another of the girls walks up.

“I brought cookies.” She says, pointing, “They’re over there.”

I ate three cookies before ballet began that morning.

After class our teacher mentioned the cookies and one of the guys, standing near, says, almost but not quite shyly, “I brought cake pops and brownies.”

He returns with three foil trays, one full of cake pops and two of large brownies.

Our teacher asks, “Did you make these?” She paused, the  said, “Of course you did, Mr. DIY!

The food was beautiful. I must share this with you.

Look at this adorable cake pop with its little bow!

The bottom was a chocolate chip cookie and when I bit into it I found out that the middle was oreo. The brownie mix covered the top and they were deliciously fudgdy.

Myself and two of my ballet classmates went to the fridge the next day, located in a room right by the studio room because there were brownies left.

It was the best possible start to the morning, both on Tuesday and Wednesday.

What did you do on Valentine’s Day? Did you get to eat any amazing brownies?


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