Heartstone ~ By: Elle Katharine White


5 Stars

(About the Book)

I rarely review a book solely because I loved it.

I loved Heartstone.

It’s a dragon-riding, monster slaying version of Pride and Prejudice; what’s not to love?

There were minor deviations from the original novel, things to make Heartstone the author’s own.

It was perfectly amazing.

The first half of the book followed closely along the lines of the original novel, with the second half developing its own plot. During the second half, I didn’t have any idea what was going to happen, and I was dying to find out.

Major scenes from the original novel, such as Collins’s proposal, were identifiable and perfectly laugh-out-loud awkward.

Because, really, Collins and Darcy had the most awkward proposals. So cringy.

An example, of the Collins Equivalent’s proposal in Heartstone:

“Aliza Bentaine, you are one of the loveliest women that I’ve ever met, and I’m confident that you’ll bear lovely children.”

I’m swooning.

I was laughing so hard while I read this book. Partially at the painful awkwardness that came up, and partially because some things were just plain funny, such as the Aunt Gardener Equivalent shipping Lizzie Equivalent and Darcy Equivalent.

Oh, she was cruel, and it was hilarious. You know how your best friend would put you in painfully awkward situations if she was trying to set you up with someone?

It was like that. I won’t give you details because,

Image result for river song spoilers gif

 but I was cracking up the entire time.

And at one point the Darcy Equivalent offers to teach the Lizzie Equivalent to spar.

And I imagine that, in Darcy-Equivalent’s mind, it went something like this:

God.. Reylo is my life❤️:

The author did a marvelous job transferring the main elements of Pride and Prejudice, and believable turning the characters into occupants of this fantasy, monster-ridden world.

I haven’t read like this for a long time; I would have finished this book almost in a day, if I hadn’t chosen to save the very end to read in the morning as a treat to myself.

I was texting my friend about this book, and about halfway through I told her that she wanted to read it.

She now plans to.

I finished and I just don’t know what to read now.

I want a sequel to this book, regardless of the fact that the plot finished up nicely.

Or at least more books by this author.

Preferably retellings.

Yeah, retellings are good.

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