This is What a Librarian Looks Like ~ By: Kyle Cassidy

This Is What a Librarian Looks Like: A Celebration of Libraries, Communities, and Access to Information

3 Stars

I accidently got a NetGalley copy of this.
I clicked on an ad in a Book Reviewer Newsletter that I get and it took me to the book’s NetGalley page. Now, usually when this happens it gives you the option to request it or ‘read it now’. In this case, however, it took it upon itself to invite me and now I must read it to keep up my NetGalley review ratio.
It does seem interesting; I just wasn’t ready to download another NetGalley yet.

My Review:

This book was divided into sections; there would be a number of quotes from librarians on why they loved their work, followed by a longer passage telling about the history of a library or a special program being run somewhere in the country.
Some of these larger sections I was interested in, such as the one written by a librarian who began an American Girl Doll lending program at her library. I did enjoy learning from many of these sections, and seeing ways that libraries were used other than for simply loaning books.
The short sections accompanying the picture of a librarian, telling why the person featured in the image loved their job, weren’t as interesting to me. Some I found more intriguing than others. Though they all were phrased differently, the few concepts behind them all remained the same. However, it isn’t the author’s fault that librarians tend to all love their jobs for similar reasons.
The formatting of this book did not translate well into digital form. Some images were small, some took up a whole page, some were upside down, and some of the wording faded into a light grey on certain pages. However, in a physical form the book’s visual appeal would be much stronger, especially considering all the beautiful images of people, something that I consider to be a highlight of this book.
I would call this more of a coffee table book; something that you would flip through to find a short section that interested you, or that would interest your guests.
It was interesting to read some of the history behind libraries, and look at the images, but isn’t likely that you are going to want to read this book all at once.

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