A Good Night for NetGalleys

The other night I was on the NetGalley website.

I didn’t need to be, and I probably shouldn’t have been, because I knew that it was likely that I would find books to request and I already have plenty that I need to read.

Logic notwithstanding, I entered the website and began browsing my few favorite categories.

I located three books that appeared interesting, and decided to take a chance and request them all that evening even though I already had three older NetGalleys needing reviews.

Within the next three hours they were all approved.

This was extremely exciting because not only does it help my NetGalley statistics, but it also meant that I would be able to read all of the books that seemed interesting to me.

Besides, requests are rarely responded to that quickly.

I have just finished and reviewed a NG copy that I got by accident (you can find out how that happened here.), but I still have 5 to read.

I prefer to have few NetGalley books at a time because I like to get my reviews submitted in a timely manner and the more books I have the more difficult that is.

Not to mention the numerous reviews that I have to post on this blog.

I suppose that’s good in a way; I certainly have plenty of blog posts ready.

Update: Since I’ve written this I have found two more NG books that I wish to request. I’d better read rapidly.


2 thoughts on “A Good Night for NetGalleys

    • It’s a website that book reviewers can use to get digital review copies. You can requests books from publishers, and they might agree to give you a digital copy to read and review. πŸ™‚
      How many books do I read a month? It depends on how much free time I have, but I’ve read 7 so far in January. One was an audiobook that I finished up from last year. πŸ˜‰

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