Want to Know: Going to the Theater ~ By: Florence Ducatteau


3 Stars

I received a NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is an introduction to the world of theatre; telling about the many people who have a part in the making of a performance and the purpose of each person’s job. Information about different types of shows, as well as how acting is different around the world and through the ages, was told in an easy to understand manner.
I would recommend this for older children, because some of the words may be difficult for particularly young ones to understand.
I definitely enjoyed seeing activities at the end of the book. There was a modified monologue from a play, prepared for the reader to perform. If you want to make a sock puppet or play spot-the-difference, then you are in luck as these were included.
In short, this book is mostly an activities guide; a more interactive look at the theatre. The art and activities I found to be more engaging than the information itself. I likely wouldn’t buy Want to Know; overall it felt a bit average. However, it may be a good pick if your library has a copy in stock.

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