Fractal Space ~ By: Thane Keller

Fractal Space (The Conquests of Brokk, #1)

4 Stars


I received a NetGalley copy in exchange for an honest review.

I enjoyed the author’s writing style. Sometimes books can sound juvenile and unedited, but that was not the case here. The writing was professional, but still casual enough that it allowed you to read with ease.
This novel was on the shorter side, which I thought was perfect for the plot.
The world building was done very well, and it seemed to be very thought out. I enjoyed reading about the various alien races that the author had created, especially since the Jarks weren’t as humanoid as alien species often tend to be.
There wasn’t a subplot in this book, which is likely a good thing, as it let the plot continue at a steady pace. The author did, however, alternate character perspectives. This kept my interest. I would become very involved in one character’s side of the story, but all of a sudden the perspective would switch. After a moment of thinking longingly about the last perspective, I would get really into the new character, and then the process would repeat. It certainly served to keep me reading.
I also found myself to be very interested in the relationships between characters.
As for the plot itself, I enjoyed it. It wasn’t a genre or style that I normally read, but I wanted to branch out. A lot of the novel is battle scenes, and considering the author’s background, I knew that the way the characters were feeling was true to life.
I also felt assured that the author knew what he was talking about, which made information that I would otherwise have not cared about, interesting.
I found the technology in this world to be futuristic, yet believable.
Overall, I thought that the story and world was well-developed and well thought out. I enjoyed the characters and was interested in how their relationships would develop. My interest in the battle scenes waxed and waned, but if you’re fond of action scenes you’d definitely enjoy this.
I recommend for fans of action, adventure, sci-fi, and battles.


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