Crisanta Knight (Books 1 + 2) Review

I know I haven’t been present much on the blog recently. I’ve had rather a lot going on.

I’m getting back into reading now, though, and chaos is beginning to wind down.

Here are reviews for two NetGalley’s that I’ve gotten recently. They are full of fairy tale fun, and I was very excited when I saw Book 2 pop up on the website.

Crisanta Knight: Protagonist Bound

5 Stars

Usually when I’m reading a NetGalley book, I’m aware that it is a review copy. This leads to me being more aware of potential mistakes and elements of the book that I didn’t like. However, when I was reading Crisanta Knight I didn’t find this to be the case. I actually found that I kept thinking that it was an e-book I had just bought off of Amazon.
This book was well written, and I enjoyed the first person POV. I saw that a lot of people thought that the main character was in her head a lot, but as this was written from a first person perspective, it was a good way to develop the character.
There were multiple subplots that kept you reading, wondering what was going to happen in regard to them. And while you find out a few details about each, the mysteries still remain at the end of the book, ready to be continued in the rest of the series.
That is something else that I wanted to mention. I really wish that all 8 books in this series were already published; I am eager to read more. I must know what happens with the main character’s prologue.
That is how things work in this fairy-tale realm. Some of the people who are born in this place are ‘protagonists’, people who will have their stories and destinies decided and written by the ‘Author’.
Crisanta, a girl who wants to write her own story, be a hero, gets the least exciting, most princess-y prologue of all. A prologue is an overcap of your destiny.
I’m curious as to what the author (of this novel, not the one in the book) is going to do with the prologues received by two of the main characters. Are they going to be able to change them? Or are they simply going to follow their prologues prophecies despite their best efforts to avoid doing so?
Lastly, I want to talk about the characters.
I enjoyed all of them. Some of the characters are the children of fairy tale characters such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty (It kills me to call her that; I prefer Briar Rose), Snow White, etc. Unlike in many books, these characters don’t necessarily take after their parents, and are not named for something in their parent’s tale.
I loved all of the main characters. Crisanta (Crisa) and her two best friends (Blue and SJ) are all very different personalities. Blue is the sister of Red Riding Hood, and resents what happened to her sister in regards to being eaten by a wolf. To assure that no such thing happens to her, she has essentially become the master of every weapon and every fighting style imagineable. Blue is spunky, knows what she wants, and isn’t afraid to break rules. SJ, however, is a model student and princess. Even so, she will use her potion making talent to help Blue and Crisa in any of their risky missions.
These three are very different, but somehow fit together perfectly, united in their goal to change their destinies.
The supporting and secondary characters I found to be just as enjoyable as these three. I enjoyed the mutually irritated relationship of Crisa and Daniel, as it led to some amusing conversations between the two.
I found myself trying to keep from laughing out loud multiple times while reading.
This was good fairy tale fun, with enough subplots, action, and suspense to give it some substance. I recommend this if you’re looking for an engaging fairy tale.

Crisanta Knight: The Severance Game

5 Stars

This series really is amazing.
The adventure, danger, and mystery of the first book remains in its sequel. I still enjoy all of the characters, and Crisa is wonderfully realistic. She has flaws, she has her struggles, but you love her for it and it makes her believable and sympathetic.
The author teases you a lot. She will mention something, just enough to set you wondering about what it means, or why it happened, or what the solution to the mystery is. You can go for half the book without its being mentioned again and you forget about it, but then it is brought up once more, and all of your curiosity returns. The answer is right in front of you, if you just read a little bit further you’ll find out – but then a new character walks in and ruins the conversion. Its so frustrating and it kills you, because you need to know the answer, but it keeps you reading, it keeps you fully engaged in this novel. Whenever I picked it up I didn’t want to put it down until I finished it.
This series is incredibly well written, with an engaging, exciting plot, and plenty of little mysteries to keep you reading and wondering
I recommend this to all lovers of YA lit, fantasy, fairy tales, and magic.

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