The Wishing World ~ By Todd Fahnestock

3 Stars

I received a copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This was a quick read for me. The writing style and easy plot allowed me to speed through the story, though this isn’t a bad thing.
At first I felt that I was actually reading too quickly, and that I wasn’t truly understanding everything that was happening. It took a little while for me to get used to the writing style. Though it wasn’t difficult to understand it took about a chapter for me not to be conscious of the writing.
In the beginning of the story the dynamics of the Wishing World confused me, though our main character was just as confused as I was, so this did allow me to experience what the character was feeling.
The Doolivanti weren’t quite what I expected, but after I adjusted my idea of them I found the people to be interesting.
You learn about the Wishing World slowly, and I liked this. As you read you think that you know everything about it, but are then are surprised with more information. I loved the way that the Wishing World developed, and the characters in the novel were enjoyable.
The last 20% of the book was intriguing and I found that I was unable predict the ending; I love when this occurs.
The ending was very sweet, and it made me smile.
I don’t believe that this is a series, but if it were I would read more.


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