Rebellion of Thieves ~ By Kekla Magoon

2.5 Stars

I like the concept of a modern Robyn Hood as well as the way the author translated it into the modern day.
The Iron Teen competition interested me; I enjoyed reading the scenes that occurred during its run. I thought that the twist that came up in relation to this contest created an interesting plot point, though it wasn’t quite what I had expected when I read the book’s blurb.
There were other elements of the plot, as well, that interested me, such as the moon lore and its prophecy, and, in particular, the anonymous warning messages that were being sent to Robyn.
Before I continue, I feel that I ought to mention that I have not read book 1.
Unfortunately, this sequel just didn’t grab me. There were times when I was very interested in what was happening, usually in the beginning of the book. However, for the most part I just wasn’t sucked in.
The reason for this may have been the characters; I found that I wasn’t very invested in any of them; I didn’t feel like they had enough development in this book. Of course, it is possible that this wouldn’t be the case had I read book 1.
A few times I had difficulty picturing the scenes, I wasn’t sure who was in a scene, and sometimes people would speak when I hadn’t realized that they were present. This confused me a bit, though I always managed to figure out what was going on.
Because the characters didn’t grab me, the relationships between them seemed a bit odd at times. For example, I wasn’t really sure what the author was trying to do with Robyn and Maryanne.
Overall, I enjoyed the way that the legend was converted into a modern retelling, as well as the way that the Iron Teen contest developed. The element of the moon lore was also an intriguing touch. However, I usually wasn’t grabbed by the characters and plot.


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