Squirrel Savior

Recently we had a rather bad storm.
A hurricane, actually.
However, where I live we didn’t get the worst of it. Even so, there was a lot of wind and rain, causing a mess of branches and leaves to be everywhere.
A few days after this storm had passed I came home from dance and heard a cheaping sound, like a young bird.
Cheap. Cheap. Cheap. Cheap.
It came in groups of four.
A few hours later I was in my room (which has a window leading outdoors); and I heard it again. And twice more in thirty minutes.
It was beginning to become stormy outdoors once again, so I proclaimed that I was worried about the bird.
My mother went out to look and exclaimed, ‘It’s a squirrel!’
We grabbed a plastic bucket and some towels, one of which we put inside the bucket and the others we used to pick up the Squirrel and deposit it in the bucket.

We took pictures of the the baby and asked people what we ought to do with it. I was sitting in my room with the bucket when I hear a keen from outside. ‘EEEEEEEEEEEE… Cheap.’
We rescued Squirrel 2 and put him in the bucket with his brother (the rescue man said that they were both boys). The second squirrel was much stronger and proceeded to burrow down and cuddle for warmth.


After leaving the squirrels outside in hopes that the mother would find them,
we finally had to bring them to the Squirrel Man in a little green box.

We met the Squirrel Rescue man and gave him the animals to take care of.
As the man picked up the squirrels to check their health, the one who had not yet been handled attempted the escape butt-first out of the box. Unfortunately I have no picture of this.
Guess what happened the next day?
‘Peep.’, a very quiet, weak call for help.
Like with the first ones, we left the baby outside before giving him to the Squirrel Rescue.

This Squirrel we gave over to the Rescue Man’s wife.
And that is the story of how my mother an I saved three 4-week old squirrel siblings.


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