The Truest Heart ~ By E. D. Baker

The Truest Heart by E.D. Baker

4 Stars

I received a copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I found this book to be very pleasing.
Having read the previous books in the series, I found myself wondering what new developments would occur between characters in this installment.
We meet some new characters in Book 3, and some of the old cast receive their own matches. One of these was particularly amusing, and I’m looking forward to seeing what will come of it in the next book.
There were no major upsets in the plot that left me wondering how the main character would get out of it. Of course, major upsets of this kind are good on occasion, and some books call for them. However, I sometimes enjoy reading a calm book, one that is based more on a character’s conversations and their development than on an action-packed plot. Any problems that arose during the course of this story were quickly and efficiently resolved.
Do not mistake my earlier comments about a smooth plot as meaning that this book had no substance at all; that isn’t true. It was simply that the plot was not intense.
The main conflict in this installment was a court trial, but the effects that this trial had on the main character’s social standing, so to speak, was just as important. She was left with important decisions to make, and it was interesting to see her work through them.
A lot of my enjoyment of this book really came out of the characters. One of my favorite elements was the fact that the main character had a gang of surprisingly friendly, amusing ogres acting as her bodyguards.
I wouldn’t recommend that you pick up the series from the middle. You should definitely start at the beginning. Though you wouldn’t be lost if you started reading with Book 3, the plot is very much a continuation and solution to that of Book 2, and you would care about the characters much more if you started at the beginning. As the character interactions are a big part of this story, that would likely affect how well you enjoy it.
I would recommend this series for anyone who enjoys a light fairy tale.


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