July Wrap Up

I read a lot this month. And I mean a lot.

I was sick for a whole week, during which I had a dance workshop. I had the workshop for seven hours in the morning, after which I returned home and went directly to bed where I read for at least three hours before turning my light off.

I also was on vacation for a week, during which I read 6 or 7 books.

I just checked and it turns out that I read a total of 19 books last month.


Unfortunately, I don’t think it would be wise to put 19 books in this post.

Instead, I’ll sum up my month’s reading.

For the first week I loved that I was reading so many books; I felt accomplished because I finished many that were on my 390 book TBR. Toward the middle of vacation, which took place in the last week of the month, I was downright sick of reading, though with nothing better to do I continued to devour books.

Now I am slowing my reading down a bit. I have more responsibilities that I need to get done, now that summer is coming to a close. I still have things that I want to read, and hopefully by taking my novels a bit slower I will cease to be tired of reading.

What did you read in July?



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