I went to a Surprise Book Sale…

And bought absolutely no books.
I am out of town this week and to skip to the end of the story, my mother and I discovered that there was going to be a library book sale.
We went, but before the sale opened I asked about the prices of the books.
I found that the books cost more than I wanted to pay, because, at $1, they were considerably more expensive than the 25 / 50 cent books at my city’s library sale.
I went to the movie section first, and when my mom came back and told me that I wouldn’t want to look at the books due to price and crowds in the building, I stayed in the movies until we were done.
The movies were of prices much less expensive than at our local sale, as were the cds. Almost everything at this sale was $1, where at the sale I am used to the movies and TV seasons tend to be a few dollars, and cds tend to be at least $2. Almost everything I purchased here was $1.


This is everything that I purchased, a total of $17.50.
This pile contains more than it appears to.


Here are three very different CDs. Unfortunately, 80s music tends to be scarce at these sales, so this is what I ended up with. I like Vivaldi, and I know Linda Ronstadt from The Pirates of Penzance. I know a song or two by INXS, as well as having a friend who likes them.


These are the two shows I bought. I know that Murder She Wrote is on Netflix, but because Netflix sometimes has to take off shows and movies, I told myself that if I ever find something (that’s on Netflix) at a good price I need to buy it.
I learned my lesson when I didn’t buy the  Bill and Ted movies at a yard sale.

My mother was telling me about the Odd Couple, but by the time that I went to watch it Netflix had taken it off.

I watched two episodes after the sale; this was a great use of money.


Everything that I bought was old, Silents –  50s old
Here we have a three episode disk of a Sherlock Holmes show from the mid fifties that I had never seen, but it was black and white, old, and Sherlock Holmes, so I bought it.
The other two are silent films, which, I must tell you, are rather amazing.


Here we get to the more recent movies. I’ve only seen Some Like it Hot, which I definitely recommend, but I picked up the other two because,

a) they are  old

b)  I know the names of the actors/actresses


I’ve never seen Ozzie and Harriet, nor had even heard of it, but Mom found them and handed them to me. In relation to the last one, it’s an Elvis movie, how can I not buy it?


This is the last thing that I bought myself, and is undoubtedly the one that I was most excited about.
In The Good Old Summertime is my favorite musical, and it is a musical rendition of this, The Shop Around the Corner.
I watched it last night and enjoyed comparing the two and the portrayal of the characters. I think I prefer Summertime, because of Judy Garland and Van Johnson’s  portrayal of the characters, though both movies were really very good.


Though my mom purchased these four I am going to watch them as well.


Have you seen any of these? Do you love any of them, or hate any of them? I’d love to hear your opinions!


5 thoughts on “I went to a Surprise Book Sale…

  1. Ooo, great haul! I LOVE sales of any sort, but book sales are the best. XD
    I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU TURNED DOWN ONE DOLLAR BOOKS. I can NEVER get books for that cheap! *stares at you in shock in admiration* Although, I suppose it depends on what kind of book you’re looking to buy and how old it is…

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