Book Review : Royal Day Out ~ By Meg Cabot

Royal Day Out: A From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess e-short

3.5 Stars


I originally had this rated at 4 stars. I changed it because, though I did think the story was cute, it wasn’t fabulous. However, the e-short did a good job in piquing one’s interest in Meg Cabot’s new middle grade series. 


This is a fun return to Genovia and a nice taste of Meg Cabot’s new middle-grade series.

This is a middle-grade book, so overall the content was clean. However I do feel like it is relevant to mention two things.

The first is that Mia is pregnant with twins and is not yet married; during this story they are making wedding preparations.

The second is that it was mentioned that a shopkeeper was using gender-neutral pronouns in order not to offend anyone. The book mentioned she called people ‘sir’ who had turned out to be women and vice versa.

The main character had mentioned that she and a friend had watched a movie about an ‘alien who didn’t have a gender, or was both, or something. So in the movie the shopkeeper would have to call it ‘dear’ so as not to offend it.’

I just thought that those two things were relevant to mention, since everybody has a different opinion on what they want their children to read.

Other than those two things, the book was an enjoyable trip back to Genovia.

 Overall I think the story was cute, and it didn’t feel as if it was void of plot. It was well-written and well done, and reads like a stand alone; it doesn’t have to be read as part of a series. I loved the return of the characters from the original ‘Princess Diaries’ and am curious to see will happen to each of the characters in the rest of this fun new series.

I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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