Nancy Drew’s Guide to Life ~ By: Jennifer Worik


5 Stars

I was at our library book sale two days ago and was pleased to find a shelf containing little gift books, which I hadn’t noticed before. I purchased four of them, this one included, and I finished it the same day.

The book was divided into 8 sections, or chapters, not including the Introduction. Each chapter contains bits of advice that were taken from the Nancy Drew books. The chapters each contained a different section of advice, such as survival tactics, dating, observation, etc.

Some of these pieces of advice could be useful, others just served to make me smile and laugh.

The book is small, approximately three inches by three inches and weighs virtually nothing; perfect to put in your purse or in your pocket for

a) amusement

b) easy reference

Some sample quotes from the book:

‘Make your date work for you – send him on B-level errands you can’t seem fit into your busy schedule.’

‘Dive into any available body of water when attacked by mosquitoes.’

‘In a pinch, a vial of perfume can sterilize scissors.’

‘Tap dancing + Morse Code = Ingenious combination.’

Did your friend leave you waiting for them to get back from the bathroom? Pull out ‘Nancy Drew’s Guide to Life’ to pass the time!


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