Review: Southwyck ~ By: Christina Waymreen

SouthWyck by Christina Waymreen

5 Stars

I received a copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I thought I would enjoy this book, but I had no idea that I would like it so much.

The world that the author developed was intriguing and full of interesting places. There is Yongtown, where the residents stay forever young, but with a catch. There is the four villages of Wyck, where each resident discovers their one magical ability at age 13. There is Teapot mountain, a difficult place to reach that is the home of the ones who write down history as it takes place.

The ‘What’s my Magic’ ceremony, where the children learn their abilities, doesn’t take place until a chunk of the way through the book. I found myself needing to know what would happen there. I wanted to know what ability each main character would get.

It did not disappoint. You were told each child’s ability. For some of them the author described the behavior of the child taking their turn, whether they were nervous or excited, and sometimes their appearance would be described. I enjoyed seeing what ability each child got, and found it interesting to see what ability the author paired with each child.

I loved seeing each ability that the author came up with, as well as how it was used in the community. Many people were able to turn stones into pieces of coal, and there was always a lot of coal. These people were always lowering their prices and competing with each other for business. There was also the baker who made a fortune using his ability to turn stones into pastries. Some people could write in the sky with clouds; these people often were hired to advertise. Some people who could shape shift into an animal would take a job to shift into animal form for a zoo, both petting and otherwise.

The notable events which occurred during the ‘What’s my Magic’ ceremony took me completely by surprise.

Another thing that took me completely by surprise was the plot twist that occurred halfway through the book. I really wish that I could hint at it, or give you an idea of what it had to do with, but I don’t want to do so because I feel like I will spoil the surprise if I do.

The last thing I want to mention is how much I love Secret Ingredient. He is an imp who lives in a bottle. When asked properly, he will answer your questions. That is, if he feels like it and isn’t on a break. He had so much personality and was so sweet, he just made me smile whenever he was in a scene. He was simply adorable.

This book was easy to be drawn into; it was well-written and engaging. I find myself eager to read the rest of the series.

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