Review: Outlaws, Mobsters, and Murderers ~ By: Diana Claitor

Outlaws, Mobsters and Murderers5 Stars 

I really liked the way that this book was arranged.

The pages were very slick and they felt lovely.

The book was divided into two sections; the first half contained the actual Outlaws, Mobsters, and Murderers, the actual people who did the deeds. It told each person’s backstory, what they did in way of crime, and how they were caught, punished, and the like. The second half of the book told not about people, but about notable events of theft, assassination, murders, etc.

All of the sections contained pictures, which I liked. Some were pictures of the crime scenes, some were mugshots of the criminals. Each person’s ‘chapter’ would be a different color, some were a soft pink or blue, others were a light purple. It worked well to separate the various criminals; you could tell at a glance whether or not you were reading about the same person as the previous page.

Overall I really liked the aesthetic design of the book. It made it enjoyable not just to read, but also simply to flip through and look at.

It wasn’t in depth, but I thought it was a wonderful introduction to famous criminals and deeds.

What do you think? Would this book pique your interest?


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