Review: Measuring Up ~ By Margaret Gurevich

Measuring up (Chloe by Design) 5 Stars

Senior year is full of surprises when Chloe returns home from her internship in New York City. While she was learning the ins and outs of the fashion industry, her friends were getting ready for senior year. Settling back into her old life proves to be harder than Chloe thought. As much as she tries to fall into her old routine, she can’t help feeling left out and left behind. Chloe is ready to realize her dream of being a designer, but deciding on a fashion school is another story — especially when that means deciding between California or New York. And when she agrees to design dresses for Winter Formal, the pressure grows even more intense. Can Chloe handle the stress of senior year and figure out what her future holds?

I received a copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

At the beginning of the book there was a page and a half of a ‘Diary Entry’ of the main character. Using this technique the author was able to provide a recap of the previous books in the series without making it obvious or boring. I really appreciate this, considering that I had not read the previous books. I also liked how it flowed so well into the rest of the novel.

This book was not stressful and intense; it was a realistic story, with the conflict being the main character dealing with the stress that comes with college applications, the decision of which college she should actually go to, and trying to smooth things over with her best friend when they both are getting frustrated with the one another.

Onto the specifics of the book.

An antagonist from the previous books had begun acting kindly toward Chloe, making me immediately suspicious. I was dreading the moment when she would steal Chloe’s fashion sketches and designs for her own college applications. But this didn’t happen. I was relieved.

I really liked watching the relationship of the main character and her previous rival change from rivalry to friendship.

I like when there doesn’t have to be a worrisome, stressful subplot in a book. Sometimes a realistic conflict and plot will work just as well, as is the case here.

Also, I really liked the main adult characters in this book. They were always there to help the Main Character through the problems she was having and to give her good advice. I appreciate the fact that the adults were intelligent and kindly, not fools with cruel behavior. Chloe’s relationship with her mother was very sweet, and reminded me a bit of my relationship with my mom.

I liked the design in the pages of the book. Between chapters there would be a page or two with what looked like a watercolor paint splotch on them. Sometimes a page would also have a barely noticeable ruler on it. I just liked that this novel had an artistic design because it was different from most (or all) books that are sold in bookstores today.

I also really liked the fashion sketches that the book included. Whenever an outfit was described in the book, whether it was something a character was wearing, or something that the Chloe was sketching for her college applications, the next page would offer a sketch showing what the outfit looked like. I found myself beginning to look forward to seeing these whenever I would read an outfit description. My favorites of these were the dresses that Chloe was designing for her classmates for the Winter Formal.

Recap: I loved the realistic conflict of this book and appreciated the fact that I was able to read through it without becoming concerned for what would happen later in the plot. The decorations on the pages and the fashion sketches were an extremely fun addition that gave the book personality.

P.S. I am feeling like I want to get into fashion design, even though it isn’t something that I have any interest in. I want to make myself fabulous clothes and draw fashion sketches. This should wear off soon.


2 thoughts on “Review: Measuring Up ~ By Margaret Gurevich

  1. I quite like stressful subplots in a book from time to time, but it is nice to read something a little calmer too sometimes. Who was it who said, “literature should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable?” I feel like we can all be both on different days 🙂

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