Vision of the Griffin’s Heart ~ By: L.R.W. Lee (Review)

Vision of the Griffin's Heart by L.R.W. Lee 5 Stars

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I have to say; this book is my new favorite of the series. Once I got halfway through it I couldn’t put it down!

This was a fantastic installment.

Whenever I am reading a series, I always am concerned that I will not be able to remember what happened in the last book, which would result in my being confused when reading the current installment. Any confusion that I may have had while reading the newest Andy Smithson was dispelled a few chapters in; everything from the last book came flooding back! L.R.W. Lee does a great job recapping what has happened in the past.

Now that we are farther into the series, Andy is not the only one who is being pulled to Oomaldee from his world; his mother now joins him on his trips. I love seeing the main character’s relationship with his parents grow, and I enjoy watching him work through his struggles.

The theme of this installment was ‘courage’. And there was some Wizard of Oz analogies sprinkled here and there, which was exciting for me, considering that I have recently been on a minor Wizard of Oz craze. We see the characters facing their fears and working through grief. The book is written in such a way that not only are you watching the character learn how to deal with grief or fear, you also receive some advice for working through your own difficulties. And this is not presented in an obvious manner; it flows right along with the plot. This element, which spreads throughout the series, makes it a perfect choice for parents wishing to give their children good literature. Not only is the series engaging and creative, it is also a great way to instill wonderful values.

About halfway through the book the questing party engages in a ‘Battle of Wits’, as I’m choosing to call it, with a group of griffins. This ‘Battle of Wits’ involves riddles.

(This is what the phrase bring to mind for me.)

Guys, I love riddles, so this was one of my favorite parts of the book. I learned some new ones, and I was rather proud of myself when I solved two of them.

The book ended on a complete cliff hangar, like L.R.W. Lee’s books always do. I was not pleased when it ended; I wasn’t done reading! It had gotten so good, and I was dying to know what happened next. Now I have to wait an entire year to find out any more.

I highly recommend this.

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