Unspotted: One Man’s Obsessive Search for Africa’s Most Elusive Leopard – By: Justin Fox (Review + #Giveaway)

Unspotted: One Man's Obsessive Search for Africa's Most Elusive Leopard 4 Stars

About the Book

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

If I am to be perfectly honest this isn’t the sort of story that I would usually pick up. Not because it is non-fiction, but because wildlife preservation isn’t something that I am all that into.

However, I thought that it sounded interesting and decided that I would give it a chance. I am glad I did.

I really enjoyed the author’s writing style; a few times I even laughed to myself. His descriptions kept you reading to see what his next amusing comment would be.

An example of this: “… like a cross between a leopard and a daisy.’

Or perhaps this one, “The vehicle bounced over boulders like an inebriated frog.”

This read like a novel, flowing together well and doing a wonderful job of keeping one’s attention. It was very informative about the Cape Mountain Leopard as well as the ecology of the place. What I particularly liked, however, was not just the entire story of the author’s search for the Cape Mountain Leopard, but I was actually very interested in learning about life on the conservation as well as how the leopard traps and tracking devices worked. I like learning new things, and I certainly learned a lot from reading this.

Perhaps I should now inform my friends about how one goes about trapping a leopard….

This 40 page story was very interesting, especially for one (me) who knew virtually nothing about wildlife preservation before taking it up. The writing and descriptions were fabulous; along with the story they kept you reading. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, particularly if you are interested in the preservation of wildlife or even if you are just interested in learning new things.


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