Writing Quote #3

I’ve had a busy few weeks, but now that things have slowed down here, I should be able to post more frequently.

For now, here is a writing quote.

Good #books don’t give up all their secrets at once – Stephen King. #quotes

Found at: http://cheshirelibrary.tumblr.com/

When I first thought of doing this, I found it intimidating. Where would be the best place in a story to reveal a secret? How long should I wait? In what way should it be done?

Postponing the sharing of secrets is now coming more easily. How I do it is this:

  • First I plan out the novel or story, and know each of the secrets that it holds.
  • I then start writing.
  • The secret naturally comes out.

The thing is, there may be space in the beginning of your book which provides a spot in which to explain a secret. Do not tell us the secret yet; wait until it is absolutely necessary.

However, my new problem with revealing secrets is that I have to remember to actually put them in the story.

How do you reveal your story’s secrets to the reader?


One thought on “Writing Quote #3

  1. Planning always helps when it comes to secrets and plot twists. It really does make it easier to find out where to drop hints before the big reveal.

    For me, if I want to finally make the big reveal in a story plot, I make sure it’s a very dramatic part and it’ll be like an extra kick.

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