I’m Finally Finished with the 30 Day Disney Challenge

There were some of those posts that I really enjoyed writing, but there were a lot of them that I just wanted to be done with.

For a lot of the questions, I didn’t have an answer, or I didn’t have a favorite of whatever the topic was. Whenever that happened, I had to look up lists on the Disney wiki in order to find something.

There are a lot of non-Disney related posts that I want to do, many of them literature related, but with the Disney Challenge it was harder to get multiple posts out in a single day. It felt a bit confining, really.

I am done with Disney posts for a while, and I don’t plan on doing any challenges ever again.

However, I loved reading everybody’s comments and connecting with you all. If you found my blog through this challenge and followed me, I say to you, “Welcome!”

Now that I have finished the Challenge, I can finally get back to posting about books and research.

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