Favorite Disney Park ~ 30 Day Disney Challenge – Day #28

My favorite Disney Park has to be Magic Kingdom.

This is the park that I know the best. I am not one for thrill rides, and I really don’t like heights. When I go to Disney I will ride a few attractions, but it tends to be mostly the Teacups, Peter Pan’s Flight, The Haunted Mansion, and the like. However, I love people watching, and this may be because I am a writer who is very fond of developing characters. People are fun to observe and I enjoy making deductions about them. There are always plenty of people at Disney, so you will never run out of new ones to observe.

I also enjoy walking around, meeting the characters, and adding their signatures to my collection. Now that I’m older, I am able do some research on how to have a better interaction with them. Some advice that I have found: Come up with something unique to say to them, something that they won’t hear from everybody. It will be more exciting for everyone involved and will probably result in a more genuine interaction. You could also wear an uncommon accessory, or a shirt with a Disney graphic on it. For example, I have Cat’s Eye glasses that are prescription. Lady Tremaine and the Stepsisters simply adored them, and proceeded to talk with me about the rest of my outfit and Drizella’s desire for a pair of glasses similar to mine. This resulted in a fairly long conversation, and it was probably the longest I have had, other than the time Merida talked for five minutes about cake.

I went to Magic Kingdom on my last birthday. I met Princess Aurora. She noticed that the first signature in my book was Maleficent’s. Aurora was immediately concerned for my well-being, and told me that I should try to avoid spinning wheels.

There seems to be more characters at Magic Kingdom than at the other parks I have been to. The lines to meet the characters tend to be longer at MK, from my experience. It is possible for these lines to be an hour long; while at Epcot I ran into Belle and got to chat with her because no one was waiting to speak with her.

Even with the longer wait, I prefer Magic Kingdom because there are a lot of rides that are not thrill rides, a nice variety of characters, and I enjoy looking at the design of the park.

Which park is your favorite?

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