Saddest Disney Character Death ~ 30 Day Disney Challenge – Day #26

I looked up a list of dead characters in order to do this post.

I’m going with Tadashi Hamada.

I didn’t know that he died before I went in to watch the movie. I hadn’t watched any trailers, so I went in knowing virtually nothing.

Perhaps the reason I chose Tadashi is because the majority of the Disney characters that die are parents. Not that this isn’t upsetting, its just that I always expect the parents of Disney characters to die. Not to mention that they really don’t have much personality and mostly serve as a plot device.

I liked Tadashi as a character, but as soon as his hat flew off as he rushed into the burning building it was quite apparent that he wasn’t going to make it out. His death had a profound effect on Hiro.

You can see the effect that Tadashi’s death had on Hiro throughout the movie. It is especially obvious when Hiro’s goals morph from wanting to capture the man who had stolen his microbots to wanting to kill the man who lied to everyone, and so caused his brother’s death.

I suppose that this could also be called my favorite Disney character death, because the emotional effect that it had on Hiro was interesting and was conducive to the plot.

I love when you comment!

What do you think of my answer? Which death did you find the saddest?


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