A Disney Movie That Makes Me Cry ~ 30 Day Disney Challenge -Day #24

I really don’t cry at movies, so for this one I will do one that is more or less emotional.

This would be Saving Mr. Banks.

P.L. Travers had an incredibly hard life, and from what I understand her Mary Poppins books were therapeutic for her. It was as if by writing these books, and having similarities between them and her life, she could come to terms with what had happened, and by ending the book with an optimistic conclusion it was almost as if she could end her childhood on a happy note.

The name, Saving Mr. Banks, isn’t as simple as it may at first seem. Yes, it is about saving the Mary Poppins story as it is converted into a film. But why Mr. Banks? It is because Mr. Banks is representative of P.L Travers’s father. By writing him into the book as Mr. Banks, Travers was able, in a way, to save him. She couldn’t have that ruined by a movie.

Saving Mr. Banks really gave insight into the author’s life, and it  made me appreciate the story of Mary Poppins even more. The connections between Travers’s life and her books were touching, and made me see the story in a new light.

What do you think of Saving Mr. Banks? How would you have answered this question?


2 thoughts on “A Disney Movie That Makes Me Cry ~ 30 Day Disney Challenge -Day #24

  1. Nice review, I honestly really enjoyed Saving Mr. Banks, and like you, make me appreciate more about the story behind Marry Poppins. It was emotional for me, and I must admit this one made me cry a little too!

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