A Movie That Makes Me Laugh ~ 30 Day Disney Challenge – Day #23

I have two movies that I will mention here.

The first one is Enchanted. 

The entire premise of this movie invited humor. When trapping a young Disney Princess in Manhattan, what else do you expect to come from it?

“The steel beast is dead peasants; I set you all free.”

Edward I find particularly hilarious. Here he is, trying to be noble, while everyone on the bus is probably freaking out. Not to mention, they were just called peasants.

Any scene that has to do with Robert and songs is amusing.

I also really like his disbelief at the entire concept of his life being invaded by fairy-tale freaks.

Now, on to Maleficent.

I found this movie funny in a much different way. Somehow, I feel like I should not have found the movie as hilarious as I did. I don’t think that it was written in an attempt to be humorous..

As I am looking for images, I am finding that there are none for the specific scenes that I want.

I laughed at the scene where Maleficent made it rain inside of the fairies’ home, and so caused a bit of an argument amoungst them.

I laughed when soldiers made attempts to get through Maleficent’s wall of thorns, and only succeeded in making it grow stronger.

Personally, I found the entire christening scene hilarious. I got a certain entertainment out of the fact that Stefan was the only one who understand Maleficent’s comments, and how the rest of the court must be at a certain loss as to the cause of his reaction, as well was to why this fairy has such power over him. In fact, Maleficent got what she wanted out of the event; the people more likely than not saw their king as weak.

So in the end, it is two completely different types of humor that I get from these movies. The first is a light-hearted amusement in a movie that was designed to be funny. The other was quite the opposite, being derived from what could be described as irony.

So what do you think? Which Disney movie makes you laugh the most?

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