Favorite Disney Classic ~ 30 Day Disney Challenge – Day #22

This is the one that I got mixed up. This question should have been number 16, but I made a mistake, so I’m doing it now.

I know the answer to this one, and I don’t have to give it any thought.

I’ve always loved this one, and it’s horrible whenever I find a friend that has not yet seen it.

I love the songs, and my favorite scene has always been the one of the Chimney Sweeps dancing on the rooftops. When I was younger I would literally get an umbrella out of the garage and dance with it in front of the T.V.

Now that I’m older, and because I have read the Mary Poppins book, I realize that Mary is actually very vain.

She is also practical and matter-of-fact; she gives the children very good life lessons, and tells them off when they do something they oughtn’t.

And she has no desire to comply with your ridiculous customs.

I saw Saving Mr. Banks when it came out. It was then that I was introduced to an idea that had never once breached the edges of my mind. In the movie, people had thought that Mary went to the Banks’ for the children.

My mother and I then asked our friends who Mary had come for, and they all said that it was for the children.

Never had I thought that she came for the children. No, Mary came for Mr. Banks.

In the movie, it isn’t the children who are the problem. It is always their father. He’s a workaholic who spends no time with his family and sees nothing wrong with that. He is not involved in any way with his family, and I doubt that he knows anything of their concerns, likes, or dreams.

And Mary fixed that.

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