My Frozen Rant (Otherwise known as 30 Day Disney Challenge Day #21)

Today’s post was supposed to be an overrated Disney movie. Instead, I’m taking the time to complain a bit about Frozen.

Perhaps I will complain a lot.

I enjoyed Frozen, but not any more than I enjoyed Maleficent. If anything, I found Maleficent preferable to Frozen.

I am sorry to say that I got swept up in the Frozen hype for a month or two. But after that, I was sick of it and the movie was completely overdone. The ‘Let it Go’ joke would not die, even when I was sure that everybody must be sick and tired of it. New Frozen merch is constantly being sold, and by the time that Anna and Elsa became ‘Official Disney Princesses’, I was just about done with it all.

 Then, two years later, they came out with Frozen Fever.

And between the movie and the Frozen short, the hype really hadn’t died down all that much.

Think about that. It has been about two years since Frozen hit theatres.

Even if people don’t talk about the movie all that much anymore, it is still everywhere. Disney has been taking advantage of the obsession, which I have to admit is a good moneymaking strategy, but the movie’s presence is just too much. Even Once Upon a Time got into it all a while back:

And now, Disney is working on a sequel.

Perhaps, in another 5 years, the hype will be gone?

Do you think Frozen has been overdone? Are you sick of it, or are you excited for the sequel? I’d love to hear your opinions.


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