Least Favorite Disney Classic ~ 30 Day Disney Challenge – Day #17

So apparently I messed up in my numbering earlier as well as with which question is what number.

The post I did yesterday was supposed to be posted as #22 in the challenge. So I suppose that I will just switch the places of the questions and do the original #16 question when I get to #22.

At least I’m keeping things exciting!

We will still move on to #17, which is my least favorite Classic.

I don’t know if I really have a least favorite classic, but there are multiple that I haven’t seen yet and that I don’t really want to see. These include Dumbo and Pinocchio. I just don’t have that much interest in them right now, though I suppose that I may want to watch them some day.

I guess that these could count as least favorites.

What about you, what is your least favorite Disney Classic? Which movie are you not interested in seeing?

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