Indians, Pirates, and Lost Boys, Oh My!

I have a dance recital coming up. It’s tomorrow, actually. And in case you didn’t guess from the title of this post, the theme of our performace is Peter Pan.

Last night there was  a dress rehearsal for the younger girls to practice their dances on the stage, to get used to the spacing and use of the wings.

We also ran two dances that I am in. 

The wings are set up differently this time from the other times we have performed at this theatre. This time there is a light fiture in each wing, and so it is hard to manuever in and out of any of the wings. This is frustrating because in many dances we only have a few seconds to switch wings before we have to be back on stage.

However, as we run our dances, it is getting easier. We have the full dress rehearsal is tonight, so we will be getting more practice, which is always a good thing.

If you include the class that I assist with I will be in six dances this year, one of which is 9 1/2 minutes long.

I have a good amount of costumes.


Not only do I have the two hats you see hanging up, I also have a braided headband along with a headband decorated with shells for the 10 minute mermaid piece as well as accessories for the Indian dance.

I have a skunk hat for our Lost Boy piece, which is probably my favorite piece of the recital. We get to fight pirates and tie them up with a rope. That is, after they tie us up. We also get to shout a lot during that piece.

One of the dance moms made these hats and they all have tails.

Lost Boy hats for Neverland recital.

I didn’t want to bring a costume rack in the car and backstage at the performance, especially since I have to bring a lot more than just my cotumes. So I was able to borrow two garment bags from my neighbor, and somehow managed to cram all 5 costumes, a lot of accessories, three leotards, three pairs of tights, and more into them.

The rest I put into my dance bag, including my two pairs of pointe shoes.


I also had to wash all of my flat shoes. I sprayed them all with Shout and then threw them in the wash. They came out incredibly clean, but before that they occupied my sink.


The recital came up rapidly, and I will be sure to keep you all updated on the turning of events, with both the show and tonight’s rehearsal.

I surely will have stories to share, after all, we have three shows in one day. Something is bound to happen!

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