Favorite Disney Prince ~ 30 Day Disney Challenge Day #4

This one was also slightly difficult, but I going to do the same thing as I did with the princesses; I am going to go by their actually title and not Disney’s official lineup.

I am really conflicted; I have a few that I particularly like.

Ok, I’ll go with Eugene.

A personal opinion, Tangled > Frozen.

I just realized, that techniqually I could have said Hans. He isn’t my favorite, though.

I like that Eugene didn’t set out to get a princess, or even a girl for that matter. He wanted to retrieve his stolen crown and be rid of her.

Also, he doesn’t sing. But he is not the only character to question why everyone is singing….

But Robert techniqually isn’t a Prince.

There are some similarities between Eugene and Aladdin, mostly because of the whole ‘thief’ thing, but Aladdin’s constant lying annoys me; he is just causing more problems for himself.

And Eugene didn’t have a whole, ‘Love at first sight’ thing, either.

Plus, I just like his personality.

Honorable Mentions?

Prince Edward:

This guy is just hilarious. He’s a sweet little prince trying to manage his way through reality to retrieve his maidene.


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