Healthy Habits … Helping a Friend with her Blog

The other day I met a friend at Starbucks to help out with her new blog. We got our drinks, and then I sat down to help her  with adding media to a post as well as with her blog’s organization. It was actually quite a bit of fun! She got super excited every time we figured something out, and there was a lot of laughing involved, too.

Her blogging is a pretty interesting story, in fact. A while back her daughter, Meg (who is also my friend), got started with an app called Kurbo Health. Unlike most health programs, Kurbo isn’t focused on weight loss. Instead, it focuses on instilling a healthy lifestyle in children and teens. They even assign you your own coach to help motivate you!

Meg had had a vlog for a while, and now has begun making videos for the Kurbo company. I may be a bit biased, but they are quick and fun to watch.

Her mother, who I helped with her blog, is now blogging for Kurbo.

If you’re into health and fitness, I highly recommend checking this out; it’s easy and fairly fun, once you get motivated!


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