‘Favorite’ Disney Character ~ 30 Day Disney Challenge

The thing about this challenge is that some answers could be repetitive. If I was going to say that my favorite character was Cinderella (it’s not), I could also use her for my favorite princess.

Because of this, I am going to try my best not to use my answers multiple times. It will certainly be more entertaining for me this way.

On to today’s topic: favorite Disney character.

This answer took a while to decide, as I don’t want to do something obvious, so I will show you my ‘Honorable Mentions’ as well. These are the characters who I debated on making my favorite.

There are a lot of ways I could take this question. I mean, are we including Disney Channel shows, Disney Channel movies,  the Star Wars franchise? For ease I’m going to go with the category, ‘Favorite Relatively Common Character that has Merchandise in the Parks’.

Favorite Character:

Lilo and Stitch was my favorite show when I was younger, right next to Kim Possible.

I’m not quite sure when my Stitch Obsession started. I think it started when I decided to buy the Stitch Lanyard/Pin collection at one of the Disney Parks. It carried on from there and I am slowly building up a collection of Stitch related items. It certainly had something to do with my love of the show.

Stitch is a destructive troublemaker, yet he is cute and fluffy. And he does a great Elvis impression.

My other considerations for favorite Disney character? Well, there were three.

The Cheshire Cat:

I love this guy. He’s an insane pink and purple cat who takes pleasure in purposefully confusing innocent people. What’s not to like?

Jack Sparrow:


I think half of the reason I didn’t choose him was because it would be a bit cliche. The other half of the reason was that I can’t even figure out who my favorite Pirates of the Caribbean character is; I have four. But come on, who doesn’t like Jack? Probably a fair amount of people, actually. I nearly put James Norrington (also from Pirates of the Caribbean) on the list, but decided that he didn’t fit the ‘Relatively Common’ criteria.

On to Day #2 of the 30 Day Disney Challenge.


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