Cleaning out the TBR

Before I decided to go through my To-Be-Read list on Goodreads, I had 843 books on it.

Among the 843 books on my online TBR list, I have hundreds (no exaggeration) of books in my house that I have to read. I couldn’t name them all.

And because I keep finding new books that I want to read, and because I haven’t gone through the pile for a long, long time, I decided it was time to do some Spring Cleaning. In the beginning of Summer, so, Summer Cleaning.

For series that I had on my list, I deleted all but the book that came next in the series. Because if I read the next book in the series, I will remember to read them all.

I deleted alternate editions of books that I am in the midst of reading, have already read, or that I have another version of on my TBR.

Books that sound mildly interesting, but that I know I will never read, were also deleted.

I also deleted a lot of books that I found through giveaways. Because when you enter a giveaway you can check a box that will add the book to your TBR. I usually just went, ‘Why not? I like it enough to enter the giveaway.’ But as I’m going back to look at them, I won’t necessarily want to read all of them. And with the self-published ones, I wouldn’t be able to get them from a library.

I deleted some children’s books that I will never read. I also left some children’s book that I may or may not read on the list.

I just finished; I got it down to 649. That’s something at least. The next step is to be more brutal the next time and to actually start reading the books on the list instead of getting new ones from the library.

It’s Summer, so I have time pick away at the list!

What’s your TBR look like?


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