What is BookCrossing?

I’ve recently started taking part in this thing called ‘Book Crossing’. Book Crossing is when you register a book online, and then ‘release’ it into the ‘wild’ for someone else to find, and, hopefully, log.

Ok, so here is a better explanation.

You have a book that you no longer want. What are you going to do with it? Well, you could go to the Book Crossing website and register the book. You then can print a label and write its I.D. on that, or you could just write it in the book itself. You then release the book into the wild by dropping it in a store or outside somewhere. Someone will pick it up and hopefully log it on the website and release it again. And then you can see where the book has gone.

Still confused? Here’s their about page.

Why am I doing Book Crossing?

The short answer is that I have way too many books. If you saw my latest post about the book sale, I mentioned how I  have no more shelf space in which to put books. Nor do I have any used bookstores to give them to. We only have one used bookstore, as the one that I loved, as well as another one, both closed down. The one that still stands is not one I am fond of.

But I need to get rid of books, especially since I sometimes will accidentally buy more than one copy of a title. So I have taken to registering the books on the Book Crossing website and freeing them into the wild.

How is it going?

Well, the percentage of books that are actually logged after they are found is small, about 1/4 percent.

I’ve only released four books, and none have been journaled. But I am having fun doing it!

Where did I release my books?

I dropped one on an empty table inside a local Starbucks. It was a copy of the Westing Game, of which I have four, if you include that one I released.


Another I released on a picnic bench outside the T.V. 20 News Station’s building. That was Jane Eyre.

unnamed (3) unnamed (2)

Then I went to one of our Little Free Libraries and released two books. Unfortunately, I also picked up four. I released ‘The Wish’ By Gail Carson Levine, and a Mr. Rogers book.


Had you heard about Book Crossing before this post? Have you ever released books? I haven’t found any in the wild yet, but you may have!

I’d love to hear about your Book Crossing experiences.

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