Disney’s Frozen Fever Review

Its Anna’s birthday, and Elsa wants to throw her the best party possible, to make up for all those years that they didn’t spend the celebration together.

When the day comes, however, there is only one little problem: Elsa gets a cold.

She sneezes mini snowmen.

I thought it was sweet, and as far as shorts go it was good, as we did get to see more of the Frozen characters, including Hans, Oaken, and Marshmallow.

Elsa was a lot more concerned about the party than I would have thought she would be, and her character seemed more nervous in general. It felt a bit off.

There was a song continuing throughout the short film, and I thought that the particular song style was odd, but the lyrics explained the story.

We didn’t learn much more about the characters, but the short is probably only seven minutes long.

There was one part near the end where Kristoff, carrying Anna’s cake, slides up to her and Elsa and shouts out, “I love you, Baby!”

A few things that I thought were good additions were that throughout the short they showed Anna and Elsa doing things  that Anna had previously done by herself while singing “Do you Wanna Build a Snowman?” in the main film. Such as riding their bike down the hall.

I don’t think I’m one for shorts. I like them, but I wouldn’t rave about them. That being said, I thought the short was sweet, though the character portrayals seemed off to me and was a bit awkward.

3 Stars

What did you think?


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