Princess Maleficent

There was a conversation today in a little kid ballet class that I wanted to share with you.

At my studio, the younger children, ages 3-6, have a teacher as well as an assistant. The assistant takes the girls to the bathroom and makes sure they pay attention while the teacher is teaching. Today I was subbing as an assistant for one of my friends.

For part of class the girls sit in a circle, and, when their turn comes, they choose a princess and walk around the circle on releve. There were a lot of Anna and Elsa’s, and two girls wanted to be Aurora. The last child, however, had an interesting choice. The conversation went something like this:

Teacher: “And what princess would you like to be?”

Girl (As if it is the most natural thing in the world): “Maleficent.”

…Interesting choice Ms. 3 Year Old.

Teacher: “Walk around the circle.”

At first I was thinking the girl might have meant this Maleficent:

But then,

Another Girl: “Maleficent isn’t a princess! She’s an evil witch who curses Princess Aurora!”

Princess Maleficent is laughing now. In a cheerful voice she says, “I know! She curses her to die!”

She emphasized die and giggled.

Evidently she meant this Maleficent.

So the teacher says, “And then the Lilac Fairy doesn’t let Princess Aurora die, she makes her go to sleep.”

In the ballet, Aurora is saved my the Lilac Fairy and a Prince she doesn’t know.

And that’s all for now.

Children are a riot, aren’t they?

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