Writing Quote #1 ~ Killing Characters

I admit, that, as a writer, I want to kill off my characters. It can cause a bit of a shock in the story and is a good way to keep the plot moving forward. Besides, it causes interesting reactions from readers.

I personally haven’t been able to kill anyone off yet, because my books don’t tend have very large populaces. I’m working on this problem in my NaNo book, and have (at least) two characters that I know will not make it through to the end.

For me, when a character dies in a book, movie, or television series, I first decide whether it was a good plot device. Then I decide how I feel about the death. Personally, I tend to like when a character or two dies. The stories just tend to have a different feel to them when it happens.

So, if you’re a writer, what are your opinions on killing your characters? And if you’re not a writer, how do you feel about the deaths of main (or minor!) characters?

5 thoughts on “Writing Quote #1 ~ Killing Characters

  1. I have no problems killing off characters! Lol! Especially when they just start getting in the way. But I go through much of the same thought process you described; Is it relevant to the storyline? How do I feel about this character? Can or will it surprise the reader and keep them reading? I totally understand and agree that sometimes killing off a character is a really good thing! Nice post!


      • That’s originally why I started killing mine off also. Another alternative is to send a character or group of characters on a lengthy adventure or mission of some sort, this way you don’t have to constantly deal with them because they’re somewhere off in a galaxy far, far, away or something, and you only have to check back with them periodically throughout the book/story

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  2. I always like to kill off characters, even if it happens to be the main character. I plan to write a bunch of books and I will pretty much (spoiler alert) kill off everyone.

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