Can you Taste the Colors?

These letter and numbers are the wrong color.

I’m late on posting; I’m sorry.

I couldn’t think of anything to post, so I decided to talk about something that isn’t very well known and that I happen to know a lot about.

Its called Synesthesia and is a ‘psychological phenomenon.’

I was goofing around on the internet when I first heard about it, and so I went and Googled the term. As it turns out, its pretty darn awesome.

The easiest way to describe Synesthesia is as the cross-wiring of senses. For example, a Synesthete (person with Synesthesia) may tell you that the letter A is red. Or, they may tell you that your name, when they say it, tastes like chicken.

Synesthesia is when two or more senses combine, or affect each other. Maybe a Synesthete hears the door slam and immediately thinks of the color pink, or maybe the name Bob is a tree.

You see, there are many different types of Synesthesia, including many that have not yet been discovered. Some combine the senses Speech and Taste, or perhaps Sounds have Colors.

If we say, for example, that the letter S is light blue. (For me, it is. It probably isn’t for another Synesthete.), I don’t actually see it in my vision. I believe that all us ‘color’ types ‘see’ the color. But some of us see it in our mind’s eye, and some of us see it in the air around us.

Two people may have the same type of Synesthesia, but that doesn’t mean that it all is the same for them. The letter N will not be yellow for everyone, just as everyone will not say that the name Derek tastes like Strawberries.

)I will try to give a list of as many types as I can think of later, as many of them are neither common nor do they stick to the 5 senses.)

Synesthesia is not common; only around 4 percent of the earth’s population have it. However, if you have one type of Synesthesia, it is more than likely that you have at least one other type.

Grapheme-Color Synesthesia is probably the easiest to test for, as well as the most common. This is when letters or numbers have specific colors.

Online at The Synesthesia Battery, they can test for multiple different types.

However, most of us would probably like to able to test ourselves. Here’s how:

Take a piece of paper and write down numbers and letters.

After you have done this, go back and write down what color each one is. Do not think about it. Synesthesia is instinctive, if you have to think to figure out what color something is, chances are that you do not have Synesthesia.

You will now have to wait a bit before finishing the test. A period of two weeks is preferable, but I would recommend at least one week.

When your chosen time period it up, take a new piece of paper and repeat steps 1 and 2. Compare your sheets. If %90 of the colors are the same as the ones you did a week ago, then chances are you may have Grapheme- Color Synesthesia.

You see, a Synesthete will always have Synesthesia and has since they were born. There is an exception to this, and that is when a traumatic experience or a hard hit to the head occurs. Either of these can destroy your Synesthesia, or it can turn someone into a Synesthete.

Synesthesia, in any of its forms, does not tend to annoy its Synesthete. If you ask one if they would get rid of it, they would, in all likelihood, say no.

It would feel strange, like a secret ability had been taken away.

For me, it would make studying a lot harder.

I hope you enjoyed this article! It wasn’t very in depth, but hopefully it made you want to go and find out more.

Any Synesthetes out there? I’d love to hear from you! What types do you have, and how did you find out you had it?


6 thoughts on “Can you Taste the Colors?

  1. Hey, I have synesthesia as well! I have grampheme-colour synesthesia, ordinal linguistic personification, and apparently a whole heap of other types that I don’t really know the names for ahaha! I’d love to talk more about it with you, because I don’t really know many other synesthetes. Do you ever find it a little overwhelming? 🙂


    • I knew about ordinal-linguistic, but I hadn’t known the name, so thanks for supplying that! I don’t find mine very overwhelming, probably because they are all very similar, and I only see the colors in my mind’s eye. When I was younger though, I would ask my mom what color a letter was and she was really confused. I’m not sure if I know any other Synesthetes, but I’d love to talk about it with you!

      Liked by 1 person

      • No worries! And I definitely had the same experience with my mum. I see it in my mind’s eye as well, which non-synesthetes seem to have a terrible time understanding! But that’s okay 🙂 and yeah I’d love to be able to connect with other synesthetes more, I think that would be really helpful, so thank you!


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