Happy 2015!

Happy New Year everyone!

Now, I could end this post here, or I could tell you about my New Year’s Eve.

I choose to tell you about my New Year’s Eve.

Friend #1 decided to have a small party.

First, four of my friends and I went to BJ’s and got pizookies; we each got our own (regular sized) pizookie. That was too much food, but it tasted delicious!

Our BJ’s has a revolving door, and thanks to Friend #2 this happened:

Christmas Elf animated GIF

But without the screaming and vomiting that happened in Elf afterward.

After the Pizookies, we went to Friend #1’s house to watch the ball drop. Friend #2 and Friend #3 had had earlier plans and so left at this point.

I’ve never actually watched the Ball Drop before. And I’m not so caught up in different celebrities and their music. So whenever I actually more or less knew who someone was, my friends cheered for me and told me how proud they were.

Other than that there was a lot of my asking ‘Who is that?’.

There was also a lot of us criticizing the performers’ outfits (and hairstyles) .

We had been going outside during the commercial breaks but now we finally settled down on the couch with glasses of Sparkling Grape Juice. We didn’t actually turn the T.V. off until 2:00 A.M when the after show ended. I stole Friend #1’s dog and made her lay on the couch with me. Because she was warm.

This morning, Friend #4 woke up at 6:30, the poor girl. She then woke us (me) up around 8:00 by walking into the living room and saying “Hi.” really nicely. It took forever for Friend #1 to wake up, but after we all were ready, we walked to a little cafe in Friend #1’s neighborhood. Friend #4 was starving and needed coffee.

The cafe was closed.

And that was our New Year Celebration! What did you guys do, did you make any Resolutions?

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